Artist Statement:
Before every revolution there is mayhem.
The body of my artwork, inspired by my deep fascination with industrial landscape and urban architecture, represents the fragile state of our global society.
The engineered structures, much like their creators, symbolize the residents of this society. Some like the giant water tanks stand strong and powerful disregarding the turmoil. Others, like the telephone poles march aimlessly, having suffered the crucifixion of life. Whether strong or meek, these artificial creatures are subject to decay and like humans will perish by the ravages of time.
I used a combination of techniques to set an apocalyptic mood, a chaotic harmony.
Vibrant colors have been used to contrast nature’s inherent beauty with the decomposing man-made beauty. The distorted clouds over the buildings exude an intangible smell of smoke and tar. The shapes scream the emotions of change. The sculptural use of textures gives a demolished look to the architectural elements. The commotion of lines, show the disarray of electrical wires, hence the end of communication and disintegration of the society.
Before every renaissance there is a revolution